How to move on?

Me and my now ex boyfriend had been dating for 10 months then one day he just stopped talking to me so I ended things. I have cried over him ever night since then

I'm ready to move on but I can't cause I still love him so much and I know he loves me but there is no way we are getting back together but every time I try to get over him I cry some more then I can't. How do you move on and let go of someone when you know its time


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  • Crying is like your body's way of dealing with grief. It physically relieves the pain. Don't try and hold back those tears; let them flow, they're healing tears. And while you cry your heart out, you do everything you can to make yourself feel even slightly better: eat that ice cream, sit on that couch, watch that show or read that book. Spoil yourself and treat the same as if you had just broken your leg. Don't put pressure on what hurts and sort of sit back and let your body heal.

    And then when the extreme grief fades a little to the point where you can force yourself to do actual things, do anything and everything you can think of that might bring you a little less pain or a little more happiness or even just something to occupy your mind so you just can't think of him. Every little bit counts, this is a very slow process. I'm 2 months into the same thing and while the intense chest pains and feeling of dying is lessened, I still don't feel like I've moved on, and that's ok. This is a very hard situation to go through for anyone. You need to take your time to heal thoroughly.

    I actually found that surfing these questions and other forums and boards for other people going through similar experiences really help too. Knowing that people are going through what you are going through gives you hope for the future. I hope this at least makes you feel the tiniest bit better or give you an idea of where to start. If you need to, drop me a message and I'll gladly try and help you further. Hang in there, there are so many more guys out there that will make you so much more happier than he did.


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  • I have to agree with just letting it all out and crying. But you have to push yourself to move forward in life. It's going to take time and it will hurt like hell. But in the end you find that when you just keep moving that things seem to fall into place. You should find a hobby that works really well for you and just invest your energy into that. I know I started guitar after a really hard breakup. After my exboyfriend and I split (we dated for over 3 years!) he started really getting into art. Like painting, sculpting, ect. And now he is majoring in Art and he has some of his stuff showcased! He even met a really sweet girl through his art courses in college and they are dating now. Just keep your head up and do something you really love or take an interest in. You will find that it's easy to get through the day without him soon. I know it hurts, investing the time/energy and most importantly your heart to someone who isn't on the same page as you. But someone will come along when you least expect it and you will realise not only do you have a phenomenal guy you also have some awesome hobbies you picked up during your low period and actually became really good at!

    Good Luck!


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