My girlfriend left me two months ago. She was my everything. I don't want to sleep around. How do I get get her out of my head?

We were together two years and we argued sometimes like every couple does. I opened up to her and let her into my heart (I've had it broken many times so this was a big deal to me)

She brought my stuff into town on a crowded Saturday and told me it was over. The day before I took her to see a film and we had an awesome date. She didn't know but I had been looking at a place for us... it would've put me in debt. I told her this and she called me pathetic and stupid.

I just want to get her out of my head... she kept me alive. She took our friends away. They didn't want my side of any story.

I want her out of my head more than anything.


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  • you don't you learn to live with it keep moving forward and those are not your friends then if the abandoned you in a time of need your better off now you learned from this you grew as a person. I know how you feel my friends chose my abusive ex over me it takes time but you'll work through it eventually I'm only now a year later not hating myself. have faith and hope in yourself look inwards.

  • If she's calling you pathetic and stupid, there was clearly something behind it. Did she tell you why she wanted to split up?

    As for getting over her, just carry on trying to live your life. As I said in another post, if you allow yourself to move on then you will be able to. Distract yourself, do things you couldn't do when you were together but wanted to. But, above all, time is the greatest healer for sure.

    • she told me I wasn't ambitious enough and wasn't educated enough. I held her back apparently... two weeks before she was crying into my shoulder telling me I was the reason she didn't kill herself a few months back.

      I know time will help... but I know she's moved on...

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    • I live in a pretty small town.. what should I do if I run into her with or without any of her friends? pathetic I know

    • Not pathetic at all. Don't do anything. If you don't feel like you can face her, turn around and walk away. Else just go about your business as if she were a stranger. Even if she gives you grief. Don't give her the satisfaction of having your attention.

  • Ex-cersise is the key even the word EX is in it, and buy ' models attract women with honesty' for self investment, also really consider talking with a therapist that will help you improve trust me


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