My ex boyfriend started talking to me again, knowing I have a boyfriend. Now he says he's found the one? is it me?

my ex boyfriend has started texting me a lot lately but I have been going with this new guy for awhile now and I thank I love him but it bugs me that I don't know who my ex means when he tells me he's found the one is the one me? I just need to know I don't wanna ruin things with my boyfriend I just don't know what to do but I can't seem to stay away !


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  • If you don't want to ruin things with your boyfriend, stay away. You'd be causing unnecessary drama by entering a love triangle. I honestly and no one here really could tell you if he meant you with such vague information. I'd ignore the ex before the boyfriend finds out and ends up getting hurt.

  • My ex said something similar to me two month after we broke up. Turned out "the one" was some girl he met a week ago, and he ended up literally going crazy over her and going into therapy.

    You never know.


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