Would a girl like me?

Well to be honest! Im pretty boring and i know that and i have a very dry sense of humour but people have told me that i look cute and attractive! Do girls date good looking guys who are boring i mean boring af x D i just want to be true here so..


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  • solution: get you a girl that's fun


What Guys Said 2

  • what are some things you like

    • I play guitar! And im good at studies! Consider me a kind of nerd : P but when it comes to social skills i fail everytime !

    • so do I but you are by no means boring. the fact that you have areas of interest is evidence enough.

  • You maye think ur boring, but others may think the opposite

    • But its everytime when i crack i joke no one seems to laugh except few girls who i know are faking it !

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