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hello!! I recieve a message from my boyfriend and i want to know what he means."" One thing to tell you about what's inside me that you have to know it ((Its a secret I don't leave anyone but if My emotions die and my heart stop beating for someone I will became unbearable"".


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  • My best understanding of that is that he is saying he becomes a dick if he loses feelings for someone. Although, if English is not his first language then he could actually be saying that it FEELS unbearable for him if someone breaks his heart.

    Ask him to clarify what he means.

    • Is not his first language. Mine neither... what unberable means?

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    • You explain it so perfect!! Thanks for explaining and answering!!

    • well said again

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  • 1. seems like a warning to not break his heart or it won't be good to you or him
    2. seems like he is telling you in advance that if he starts to became unbearable then he doesn't like you anymore take a hint and you leave him not him since he doesn't leave anyone
    those 2 things is what i thought of after reading his message either one is true or none of them


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  • it means he trust you enough to share his emotions


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