I told my ex that he really hurt me?

an he said... im not happy thats the thing.
o feel embarrassed and pathetic i told him this


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  • There is nothing pathetic about admitting that he hurt you. If he was any kind of a partner he'd know that already, most people aren't stupid or blind.

    It would only be an issue if you expected that telling him would make any kind of difference. It might, it might not. He might care, he might not. He might say the right things and yet still not care and still not change. You aren't able to control how an ex moves forward, you can only control how you move forward.

    • okk,,,, sigh im walking around with my head down

    • Don't. That won't help anyone. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Your are human. Pretending that you can never be hurt would make you a liar. It is far more of a strength to be yourself and to admit that you can be weak.

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  • He is stupid and doesn't really what he did

    • Huh?

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    • I understand. all his lies he lied right in front me. It's so evil !

    • You're right

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