Do I have a chance later on and how could I get a chance with my ex?

Hello everyone! My Ex recently broke up with me about 3 weeks ago in person and we dated about 5 months. We are in highschool and yes I know before you guys say it I understand most relationships dont last but this one is different. I told myself at the beggining of highschool they never last dont worry about it but this relationship with her was different. So first off the reason we broke up was because of my deppresion because it was just to much for her and she didn't know how to handle it so she ended it. Ever since I had more time to focus on myself and I have fixed my deppresion and anxiety and am a very happy guy and love to be around people more! She told me that I was the best boyfriend ever and I made her happier then anyone boy could ever do. Her friends and my friends and people we didn't even know said I was an amazing boyfriend to. I met her parents and they loved me and same for my parents. We went to the beach, a lot of dates, went to dances all the time we were a very happy couple. This was her first relationship and it was my second. I know about the no contact rule and I am trying to do it but im also scared we will loose contact completely. We agreed to be friends afterwards but we just brokeup so we are going to give eachother time to ourselves first. sometimes I will catch her staring at me in class very quickly before I turn around but I don't know. So the main thing I want to know do I still have a chance later on and how can I get a chance to get her back. If you guys need any questions to help me out a little more ask and ill provide then


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