Have and should you break up with somone over character/ other flaws even though you may indeed love them?

I love my boyfriend... i genuinly care about him. I love holding him and spending time with him. I can imagine a future with him. However i see things in his character i dont like ( not that im perfect... im far from it) but things that stretch through diff catagories... He has a lot personally... things im starting not to care for. Maybe im starting to see that our outlooks and such are just different. The question is... should u break up with somone over this kind of thing even if you are romantically still interested in that person? For example... im starting to think the only thing we have in common is our love for each other... everything else we seem to differ on. Help? Thoughts and oppinionx would help thanks!


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  • I think this is something you should talk with him about not strangers.


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  • Love does not sustain a relationship and is not a reason to STAY in a relationship. Victims of abuse love their Abusers all the time but they should not stay.

    If you're unhappy and don't like the person you're with you should end the relationship so you can both find people who *do* make you happy.


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