Ex possibly turning stalker??

So I broke up with this guy I dated for 5 years about 9 months ago I think. The relationship was cute and sweet when in high school, but as I got into college I was tired of his lack of motivation, and his constant lack of trying to keep the relationship going. When ever I tried to end it he would break down crying and begging and it took me over three years to finally get to the breaking point. He was the only guy I had had a serious relationship with and was 100% sure I wasn't going to marry him. But he was 100% sure I was going to marry him. After 3 years of dating he planned on proposing to me after my high school graduation and I got his friends to help convince him that it was a bad idea. And since then I tried to break up with him. After finally breaking up with him, he did not accept it until a month later when over break I was able to sit down with him and my best friend to get the point across. Now I've moved on and am in a happy relationship with a guy from college. My ex is now friends with my boyfriend on Facebook. The ex (J) knows about the current boyfriend (C) via mutual friends (more J's than mine), but the current boyfriend (C) only knows about J's first name but nothing else. My friends and I feel like J is trying to keep track of me and it's freaking me out. Is it wrong for me to feel so uncomfortable with this situation? Is there a proper/right way to address this issue? Should I tell C that I'm uncomfortable or should I tell J that he is making me uncomfortable? Please someone answer.


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  • 1) You are right to feel uncomfortable. 2) Tell C you are uncomfortable. 3) Then if necessary, tell J you are uncomfortable.

    J is probably not a stalker, but weird things happen. (I know a woman whose life was destroyed by a stalker.) You don't want J to be encouraged in any way so you should take steps to shut it down.


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  • I suggest that you tell your current boyfriend that you are uncomfortable with your ex trying to keep track of you and ask him to block your ex on Facebook.


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