I need help breaking up with my boyfriend? Advice please?

He's out of state for work and has been for about nine weeks he will be gone for about 3 more. I broke up with him last time he went away, I just don't love him, he thought it was the distance. We got back together.

But I have feelings for someone else now. I don't know if things will necessarily work out with this guy after I'm single, but knowing I feel the way I do about this person to me implies that I should end it.

Should I wait until the guy I'm seeing is back? ( I've been seeing him on and off for about two years, but we haven't labeled it). And do it in person... Or is it better to just do it now?

How much should I tell him? I still feel like he'll just think it's the distance. Should I just tell him that I'm never going to love him because I haven't yet, should I tell him I've got feelings for someone? He's a really nice guy and I feel really bad hurting him.


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  • I would wait till he has returned. Until that time you can think of the things you want to say to him, and can find the words. I would do it in person, as you have to be sure he understands. If he has questions, he can ask them personally.


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