What else can I do to get over my ex? Girls, what is with my ex girlfriend?

I just have had a difficult time with getting over my ex girlfriend. I have started up a new sport, started work out more and even going out to a bar every now and again. But all of this has not really helped me getting over my ex girlfriend. Now a few of my buddies have tired getting me to do a one night stand. I am not the type of guy to do this. I only do that with a girl who it means more then just that. Yes I do have morals.

Now to be honest, I have tired removing my ex girlfriend for 2 months of my life, but then we just started talking more and more. I felt fine since it would just be about our lives in general no real mention of her new boy friend. She admits to me how she tired to avoid telling me about her new boy friend because she knew how much it would hurt me to find out. I take it as that she cares a bit for me. I know that she cares for me, now does she care at the same level as I care about her? I can't tell because really we just spend very little time together and when we do its just really catching up with our lives. Or just flirting/playing a bit with each other. Nothing major but just like shooting straws at each other or trying to pour water on the other. One day when I didn't expect to see her with her new boy friend, I did and well I was in shock and did really show that I hurt. Actually I came across to her as I was mad at her. We talked about it and well she said "I do have a life outside of our friendship, but I do really want you to be apart of my life, I want us to be good friends and to remain as friends through out college". Then either in our beginning of our get togethers or end, we talk about what we did back in our relationship. Like trips we did and stuff we did together, now I feel like I am over reacting to her talking about it or even talking about how she use to distract me sometimes while I was doing something and how I couldn't really keep my eyes off her. Now I usually don't respond to that just kinda go yeah ... that true. But I find it odd since she did say "We shouldn't talk about our relationship anymore". I don't know what to do anymore. I do feel like I am over reacting to the situation. If you have any advice it would be nice ... thanks
What else can I do to get over my ex? Girls, what is with my ex girlfriend?
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