How do I get over my ex? It's been two months and I can't get him out my head now?

Me and my ex were together over two years, we had some really good times together, and then he moved abroad for a year, we tried to keep things going but I had to break it off. It was far too hard and such a strain on the relationship, i was more upset than I was happy throughout this time, and safe to say it broke my heart, I really loved him.
He was my first love and I just can't see myself getting over him, I really am starting to just want him back in my life. It crushes me because I know he probably doesn't want me back, he wants to travel after he graduates and I'm happy for him, I just wish I was in the picture. I feel silly feeling like this but I'm just going through a hard time trying to get him out of my head. I've been okay these past few months and I sorta felt relieved initially as there was no more upset and tears from being apart from each other constantly, but this past week it's been non stop on my mind about him, I don't know why. He's home in September and I really want to give it another shot but I don't think he will. Things are different now because he wants to travel, I just wish it was something we could do together. It's so hurtful to know someone just doesn't love you anymore, do you think he's over me? Or do you think it's easier for him to move on because he's not living through the reality of this at home.. he's on the other side of the world and gets to blank it out. Do you think when he's home he will realise what's actually happened?

How long does does it take to get over someone, especially your first love? And how can I stop myself from getting so upset because I know that's the end of us now, I wish it wasn't but I've just had to accept it is.


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  • For me personally, i think it's almost close to impossible to forget your first anything especially first love but it is possible to move on and just realize that there is something better out there for you, and if it is meant to be with your ex it will happen when the timing is perfect so don't worry just take time for yourself and figure out who you are without him and try to reevaluate if you are missing him or the thought you two together and then just move on or try your hardest to make it work


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  • For one, stop obsessing over him. Don't ask questions about him here, don't look him up, stop all contact.

  • you can't get over someone if it meant something deep. eventually what's an apartment right now will become drawer with a tag age 19-21.
    you never stop loving the people you fell in love with, you just pick up the pieces and move on with life. you'll fall again and again you'll pick yourself up, until comes the time when somebody hurts you just like everyone else but is there with you when you're picking up the pieces. that's the one love that will stick.
    don't beg for what you deserve ( speaking metaphorically)
    quick heel is hooking up with someone else of course...
    this is just the first scar, like many that will follow, this will fade away too.
    take care

    • Thanks a lot for your advice, I suppose it's just hard getting over someone who was probably your first everything. Hopefully it won't take much too long as it does hurt.

    • :) ,,

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  • Scientifically, it takes 17 months to get over someone we had strong feelings for, and you'll still have a little something in your heart when you see him or think about him


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