Can I impress her back?

I had a break up with my girlfriend 15 days back... and we have decided to remain friends... today we have decided to meet each other casually.. in the evening.. I dont know how to impress her again...
I have promised her that I will not ask her to get back together...
is there any way I can impress her again


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  • Well, why should you impress her when you don't have the intention to take her back?

    • She broke up... and I have an intetion of taking her back... but she made me promise that.. i shouldn't convince her for that

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    • Once she cheated on me.. and I had given up on her... but she threatened me of committing suicide.. then I immediately got back with her... now i need her and she's not listening

    • Well, threatening is always wrong. You shouldn't have taken her back. She cheated before, and probably will do it again. That she says she commits suicide if you leave her, is just over exaggerating, not an actual threat.

What Guys Said 1

  • he didn't say he wouldn't take her back he promised not to ASK for her back


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