Can you ever be just friends with an ex?

Has anyone gotten back with their ex after this happens, like after you hang out as friends for a while do you fall back together? My ex and I agreed to be friends. we are currently talking after not talking for a year and after not dating for more than a year. We have yet to see each other in person but we have good conversations.


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  • Possible only. If you know how much you are going to hurt the person from inside if that person knows you get closed to someone.. Some people will trust you. Cause they do not want to lose you. But if the ex lingers more often girl choose wisely and don't hurt people.


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  • Well I'm really good friends with a couple of my ex's but we never fell back together or hooked up with on another. We do talk about what failed and worked in the red sometimes. I think the only thing that ever happened with a ex after we broke up as making out as the result of truth and date with a bunch of friends, but it never went further than that kiss.


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  • I've managed to stay just friends with my ex. We've both moved and know it was for the best so we're able to be friends.


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