Would you consider him a cheater?

what .. would you consider him a cheater, if I told my friend to call my boyfriend and pretend to be some sexy girl and he starts to text msg. her and have a whole convo. with her but he doesn't know I know her he thinks she is some out of town bisexual girl looking for a bf, and he also told her he doesn't have a girlfriend and my friends say he isn't cheating because the girl he thinks she is doesn't actually exist and another friend says he is cheating because he denies our relationship please help I'm so confused ... or is it all my fault for telling her to pretend to be some one and taking the joke too far?


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  • Such a definition is thrown around too easily these days. I can only assume he's around your age, and boys of that age aren't mature enough to commit to a relationship. It's terrible of him to say that he's not in a relationship, and If we must put it into such blunt terms of cheating or not cheating, then yes.

    Though, In his defense, It's quite underhanded of you to have your friend text him like that and I think that most males would reply kindly to a supposed female even if they ( the male) were in a relationship, so you cannot go on that alone. How did you expect him to respond to her? Of course the simple answer is to say "I'm in a relationship." but most guys don't know what they want, and they will continue to seek other females, never happy with what they have, then sincerely missing it once it is gone.

    He hasn't done anything physical with her though, and from what you've said, he hasn't asked her to be his girlfriend or anything, so I don't really see it to be cheating. But maybe that's just my two cents.


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  • This is totally a red flag sign he's not serious about you if he's talking like that. Or he knows it was you all along and just f***ing with you. I hardly doubt that thou.


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