My girlfriend lost interest in me and flirts with my friends in front of me?

Me and my girlfriend dated for a yr, and one day we got in alittle fight. After that day she started acting more distant with me and started sitting with my friends more and talked to them more. Until later that day she told me she felt different about me and the relationship, and that we needed to take a break but i didn't want to take a break because i wanted to know the real reason why she felt the way she felt. The past days from those she just didn't seem that interested in texting me the way she used to text me, and I couldn't take it anymore calling a break to give her space to see if things would get better, and boy was i wrong she started hanging out with guys I hangout with and seemed happy like nothing faced her about our relationship. Then not even going that far into the break she decided to break up with me that maybe if we broke up she would change her mind and want to get back and boy was i wrong about that to. I thought after we broke up we would still be close friends and talk like close friends as well but naw she decided to ignore me and go off and talk to my friends all happy and flirt with them in front of me like i dont have feelings for her. Eah day it feels like it gets worse because i have to see her in my classes flirting with guys i hangout with even when i do go hangout with them she joins us and flirts with them. Now i have had enough with her little games and am not trying my best to move on.
I just wanna know what the real reason why my ex girlfriend would have lost interest in me she says i didn't do anything but she said she started losing her feeling after we got into a fight


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  • She's a sadist, sorry. She knows you're there with feelings for her and is using that to torture you. I question your friends, too. Cut it. Make space for a girl who returns the feelings and is happy she found you. You're worth that. Once you find a new girl this one will likely all of a sudden find her interest again. Don't go back to her. She likes the attention and no doubt will end up pining after a guy who does the same thing to her. Go be happy and don't let it get to where it hits your self esteem and you thin it's you because it's not. It's her. Anyone that can treat another tgat way just isn't a nice person and is super immature. Waste of time.

    • Thank you i know i am trying to move on after we broke up. I got to caught into my feeling for her, and i am wasting them she has really hurted me this week. You are right she knows that i still have feelings for her and i told her, what hurts me that she does and she doesn't care at all anymore. She treats me like we have never even been together for a year and two month relationship, and have built a bond together but i guess obviously that ends. She now flirts even more with my friends and now touches, them and lays on them sometimes and it hurts for me to see her do that, with not just my friends, but with other guys. She still ignores me and doesn't talk to me, and i have always been the nice person in the relationship. But now i got to see the real her, or she really changed i dont know what happened to her.

    • Nothing happened, it's who she is. These things happen in dating and you learn to identify red flags or behaviors that are indicative of people like her. See her for who she is and spend less time. She's acting easy and sounds like your friends allow it. Not cool for them either. Might be a great time to take up a new activity or something and meet new people while you have fun in your life and move forward.

  • That is so rude of her move on


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