Breaking Up is Hard? Why is my ex reaching out?

I got out of a three year relationship more than one year ago. It was my longest relationship and he wanted to get married. He was a nice guy but we wanted two different things out of life, so I initiated the breakup. One thing we always agreed on was keeping our relationship off of social media. I moved away and we just drifted apart. Around six months after the breakup, he began contacting me to say he was sorry for his mistakes. I wished him well but did not want to reconnect. I learned that not three months later, he publicly displayed a new relationship status and posted loving pictures of his new partner monthly. Interesting, as it's well out of character. I'm a very private person and he always agree that relationships should be kept offline to be maintained. However, it's fair enough; we split. However, the ex recently tried to connect with my brother on a social site. My brother and I are very close; there's no doubt that it would get back to me. I don't want to reconnect but I am confused about who this person is and why he's reaching out. We have mutual friends so I want to remain cordial.


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  • Quiz you are still on his mind. 3 years and wanting to marry isn't something you can get over in half year, also i would say that for guys, breaking up is a lot harder than for girls. Girls after breakup has girl nights and suport from friends but guys trying to ackt toght dont ask and want help. Just let him heal on his own peace. Admiting mistakes isn't easy thing to do. If you hapen to meat, just chat as old friends.


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