Is he playing games or is he just done?

My boyfriend and I got into a huge fight but before he left he hugged me and kissed my forehead and said he would call me tomorrow. Well I waited and no call so I saw her was online and I messaged him. I asked if we could talk later about the night before and all I got was a thumbs up. So I called him him he was with his daughter (for a few hours) I told him I'd call later. Well I tried calling later like around 5:30pm and at first he wouldn't answer my call.

Finally when he answered he and he didn't want to talk about it and that he was still very mad at me and that I had made him cry. I have been apologizing like crazy since the fight. We ended up talking about it anyways got into an argument over the phone. He went to hang up said he'd call me later. I asked "are you actually going to call me later" and he said yes he also promised to help me look for an apartment, but I have yet to hear from him. Are things over between the two of us? I mean during the phone call he said he didn't want me to leave cause he cares about me and likes what I do for him. I'm very confused.


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  • It seems if you mattered to him, he would keep his word about calling you.

    • It's been about 2days do I just wait it out.

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    • My mom thinks that I should give him time. He and I had a fight in the past where he had me blocked and didn't talk to me for like a week or so. But he came back

    • I mean, do you see a pattern developing? Where you have fights, need to take a break, and eventually he comes back? I feel like you'll just continue this cycle and it'll just bring you all kinds of unnecessary drama and heartache over and over, and you don't wanna put yourself through that.

  • It's over. Of course it's difficult to end things for either but he's making a clear effort

    • I asked him if things were done between us and his response was "I never said that"

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