I have a best friend who I have also been intimate with in the very beginning. We have an amazing connection.

but I don't think he is attracted to me anymore. we have this great bond and have a lot in common, but he seems uninterested in taking things to the next level. he tells me he loves me, and yet dates other women. he recently asked me to move int with him. what gives?


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  • Moving in is definitely NOT a good idea here. He's playing with your emotions it seems. But when he said he loves you, is he talking about the romantic sort? As in In Love? If that's the case, then you need to find out how he feels about your relationship right now, and where you two stand. Moving in doesn't seem like a good move right now.

  • Tell him you won't move in with him unless he's clear about his feelings for you. Ask him why would he put you in a position like that if he loved you and if he did, why date other women. Let him know it's not fair to you.


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