My exs behavior is killing me ?

I and my ex dated for about a month and we were totally in love and obsessed with each other, but I broke up with him cause I noticed there was starting to be so much distance betweeen us and I couldn't comprehend anymore. I broke up with him via letter and later tried to talk things out but he told me he's extremely hurt and angry, he told me I let him go after telling me his weaknesses and revealing all his secrets to me, and that he's moved on already. fast forward to two months later which is recently I've been constantly running into my ex boyfriend in school, and I've been trying to be friendly and nice just to ease of that tension and coldness between us but instead he's being mean so rude, he snubs my greeting in present of mutual friends, ok when I confront him when he's alone he talks to me properly, but when he's around people, he ignores my hi's, he's totally mean to me, I don't get him! he avoids me in school when he knows it's just me and him and then every time our mutual friends wants to hang out with me, he always wants to come along, yet he's receptive and cold. I've just decided to stop cause it's getting to me already, but could there be a reason he's like this and what do you say I do at this point.


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  • Move on

    • I have. i just don't get the reason for his behaviors

    • You haven't if you're still obsessions over his behaviour towards you. You need to rethink your emotions.

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  • Make a new guy friend (only a friend) plus talk to him as usual. If he really likes you, he'll send signals of possessiveness which could guide you to read his mind.

  • Why do you care? He's an ex


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