Getting over a GUY?

So I was with this guy for 1 year and circumstances to do with living arrangements happened which is why we weren't together anymore I told him I can't keep seeing him when I'm in his city due to strict family members. Can anyone help me get over him its been a month since i saw him last and I keep thinking who he's with now. Help?


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  • after a year of being close its like having your insides ripped out braking up. only 3 things can help with a broken heart. but it never really gets cured.
    1. Finding someone new to destract you.
    2. get mad at him for something but the more mad the better.
    3. just listen to love songs cherish what you had and try your best to think of the future. meaning really just time. lots of time.


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  • The more you see him it will be hard I'm trying to get over it now try to keep yourself busy or find someone else

    • Thank you 🙂

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