Have you ever had a dream about your Ex?

When I woke up this morning, I was covered in sweat because I had a dream about my Ex.. It wasn't a nightmare necessarily but it was crazy..

From what I remember, the dream went all the way to when I met him, but instead, I met him as a little child, literally.. when he met, he wanted to be around me all the time.. Kind of like how child wants their mother.. And throughout the dream, the more we hung out, he older he got.. I'm thinking the dream had something to do with when he broke up with me.. He told me post break up and I quote, "I'm much happier now."

I don't miss dating him or anything, but it got me thinking... Anyone else have this kind of experience about your ex? Whether you miss them or not?


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  • I have but it wasn't anything like that. I dreamt that I made him suffer like hell for the way he treated me. I woke up and it felt so satisfying 😂


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