How to get over it for good?

This may sound totally pathetic. But it's my reality and I apparently found no other option than asking on here. Anyway, my ex and I broke up over a year ago and I'm still not over it. It might be because we work together or im just an idiot or a mixture of the two but if I have to wake up depressed about this for one more day I think I'm going to contact someone on the black market who can get me a lobotomy done. I'm so sick of waking up Day in and day out and not feeling any improvement. I'm sick of depending on him for my happiness even a year later. I can't stand that every time he talks to me I overthink it and I expect him to want me back. I hate holding onto this little sliver of hope that one day he will want me back and we will get back together. I'm not delusional I know that in reality it's over and it's never gonna happen again. But I'm sick of wishing and LITERALLY DREAMING that he will call me and tell me he's sorry and tell me to give this another try. I can't even get drunk with my friends anymore because every time I do I end up crying over him and even they think it's been too long already!! I've been silently living in this hell for the past year because since we work together I don't want to act like I'm hung up on him. I wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy honestly! If I could take a pill that would make me forget him for good , you best believe I'd never remember his name again. But instead here I am. Talking about him at almost 3 in the morning, during a week where I haven't seen him at all in 3 days, yet I'm still convinced somewhere in my twisted mind that this whole time he's missed me too. If there is ANYONE out there who has gone through this before, how did you get over it? When does it finally end?


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  • ok ill try and help you, what you need is to first break from all contact from him, anything of he's get rid of anything or stall away anything he gave you , try and avoid places that trigger memory's


  • i get it life is like this for some of us. trouble is when you focus on him you can't notice someone else. and maybe you should


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