Some help concerning getting back with an ex?

I've just been broken up with. My ex and I had the best relationship and I know for sure he didn't leave because of another girl. A while ago he told me he had been worrying about his future and where I sat in that picture. He said that he was incredibly happy with me but felt as if he needed time on his own to figure out if this is what he wanted.

fast forward to yesterday, we met up for breakfast and were completely normal until I brought up the issue again. He said it was unfair on me to be strung along like this and he could see it was affecting me. He said he was genuinely confused and needed time but didn't want time because he felt good when we were together. All his mates agree that he's become a better person since we started dating. He can be incredibly stubborn.

My question is... we share the same group of friends, both of us do not have many friends outside the group. I feel like the breakup was completely random as well. It was spurred by what I was feeling and I honestly feel like I've lose my soulmate. He told me I was the one, I was his soulmate, his best friend and his girlfriend. We were perfect for each other. This Saturday I will be bumping into him, how do I reel him back in and change his mind about what's happened.


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  • Basically like this, let him have his time to think while he is single, but keep in constant contact and continue to have a good time with him and he will soon realize his choice was silly.

    • Is a week enough time though, we have to go to our good friends birthday this Saturday and he asked for a week of space. So I agreed and told him it was breathing space to let us gather our thoughts and to come back and see where our heads are at.

      Specifically at the party though, is there anything I can really do to lure him back in.

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    • You could dress super sexy and be the "life of the party" while also giving him lots off attention. basically, draw his attention without directly talking to him.

    • I guess if he truly does still care, we have a chance. He just needs to space and time to figure out what he's lost in his life. A lot of people are adverse to getting back with an ex. I've done it before and it didn't work out but this relationship was very different. It was very intimate and intense. He said he got scared of how intense it was getting because we saw each other everyday. He said it had gone too far and it was too much commitment but still wanted to commit. He chose to leave but I think it can still work. I hope it does.

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  • Does he want to get back?

    • He's expressed before if we were to break up he would want to. It's really earth shattering what's happened.

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