Healing from a breakup from a guy who repeatedly broke my heart and how to start forgiving and trusting in that person?

It's been a month since the breakup, and I've been in a hot mess for a while. The person that I was with broke my heart 4 times already, and I feel foolish for believing he could and would of change. I'm now at a point in my life where I can see all of the toxic elements we had. How I could never be open to him because if I did, he would always make himself the victim, taking it too far and putting a damage in us. He would never listen to me, and make rash decisions that led to a breakup. In the end, I became more quite, lost confidence, started talking less to one of my friends because he was jealous, and overall did things that made me unhappy. I know he was a toxic person in my life, and I feel horrible for still having this hint of sadness because I forgave him every single time. And now I have to learn to forgive myself and heal from all the scars this relationship placed. However, I see this person everyday (clubs and school), no matter where I go he is always there. Due to this, I feel lost, hurt, and jealous. I want to move on, I want to heal and I want to forgive myself and start trusting him, but at this point, I can't see myself forgiving him completely and I'm essentially building up these walls because I can't trust him anymore. Before the breakup he said that he cherished me and that he wanted to be friends in the end, but I feel that if I keep these thoughts of being friends, its an escape from all the hurt I have deal with now and it will just feed to thinking that it could be "more". He also said that he feels lighter, and he ended the relationship because he loved me but it felt "weird". I asked him what was weird about it, and he couldn't answer me. I know this is irrational, but I think its my fault because I didn't try hard enough to break these walls. All I know right now is that I'm hurt and my trust in him is gone. What do I do in order to start regaining that trust, start forgiving and moving on?


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  • I dont know how you can regain that trust. But for moving on try:
    Distracting yourself.
    Find a new hobby.
    Watch movies or videos.
    Find a new guy.
    Get help from friends and tell them what situation your in.
    Try not to talk to him as much.
    Avoid (Dont have to)
    Well, this is all I can think of. Sorry 😪


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