What to do if the guy I like so much is my ex's best friend??

From all signs he likes me as well !But I am afraid that something can keep him back...

My ex is a nice guy, lately from his friends I have gotten an impression that there is some girl he starts to like.That's (I think)great!I have a feeling that ''my'' guy is not going to make a move until my ex finds a girl and starts to date!Could I be right?

This summer I will have a chance to spend 2 weeks around my crush , there are not going to be any of his friends.Should I try to speak with him?


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  • even if your ex does get a new girlfriend chances are the guy your after won't want you, most guys wouldn't go with one of their mate's ex's

    • And what if my ex was the one who decided to leave me because he just decided that we have nothing in common and he doesn't want relationship in general.By the way they both(with my crush)decided that together-my crush helped my ex to finish our relationship with convincing and helping him understand that he doesn't want me!!!anyway-we were together only some 2 months and all this time we both knew we have no future.My crush liked me already then!

    • Still, some guys don't like their mates going where they've already been. depends on your ex and the guy

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