Going to uni with a boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I are both starting uni next year, and to be honest I am planning to try and go to the same one as him, however it is not at my expense - the course I want is offered there and works for me. However, I've been reading up and I keep seeing articles saying relationships in uni don't tend to last due to the distance, but in theory I would not be in an LDR with him so those same pressures are not there. We have a really good bond with eachother. Is it likely we could last or would we break up or cheat


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  • if you have a strong bond then it should last through any struggle Long distance or not...

    I've been in university for 2 years and am still with my girl. She's moving away next year and we're still gonna try and make things work out :)

  • I'd be wary uni opens up doors and New experiences for everyone. only thing I will say is no matter how strong of a bond you have. make sure you get separate apartments as if ye did break up it would be less awkward for both of ye


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