Who lives in Florida?

Yea so I am possibly moving to Ft. Lauderdale from NJ in late August early September. Just wanted to know how people like it? I have visited a few times. Is it really somewhere you would want to live or just vacation at?


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  • I'm originally from Florida. Grew up in the Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas. Moved up here to PA in 2002. I HATED FL because of a number of reasons:

    1. Too hot & humid year-round.

    2. Lack of hills means the roads are perfectly straight which makes for a boring driving experience if you're a car or motorcycle enthusiast like myself.

    3. Alligators, Brown Recluse Spiders, Cottonmouth Snakes, Black Widow Spiders, Jellyfish, and Barracuda. Plenty of nasties both in and out of the water who can make you crap your pants and turn white with fear and dread. I myself was a magnet for jellyfish in the water.

    4. Having to speak three languages (English, Spanish, Creole) to order a Big Mac at your local McDonalds sucks.

    5. The girls (at least in the part where I spent my teen years living, Boca Raton, slightly north of Ft. Lauderdale) are all stuck up.

    6. It's a transient state. Nobody who lives there is actually from there and nobody who's from there sticks around. No matter who you know it's a fairly safe bet you'll be saying bye to them soon enough because nobody sticks around for very long.

    7. EXTREMELY high cost of living

    But it has it's positives too.

    1. Being able to see girls at the supermarket doing their grocery shopping in nothing but a bikini certainly makes your shopping experience more bearable.

    2. Not having to pay local, county, or state taxes is nice.

    3. Not having to get your car inspected annually means you can do whatever mods to it you want.

    4. Everyone keeps to themselves which means you don't have to worry about gossiping neighbors.

    5. Lots of eye candy if you live even remotely near the beach.

    6. Straightforward roadway designs means it's virtually impossible to get lost getting where you're trying to get to.

    Feel free to convo me for more.

    • Thanks for your answer. I don't plan on staying forever probably only a couple years. The heat is the one major thing to me. It gets pretty hot and humid here but it is a little hotter there. I am going to visit in August don't really know for how long maybe a week or two. See if I can find some work. If all goes good Ill be flying home and getting my stuff and driving back. I visited Miami for a week when I was younger in June too and I didn't think the heat was too bad. Yea I heard about...

    • Inspection how does that work you never have to get your car inspected?

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  • Haha, I like New Jersey, I live there now. I've been to Florida once or twice, and it seems nice, but I've only been to resorts. The humidity all year long might suck a little bit though, but you get to see all the shirtless guys. You can only see them here in some parts of New Jersey, haha. :)


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  • I just to live in Miami for 7 years. its fun and good party place, but be aware of fake people, and be careful. but I don't say everybody is like that. there is a lot of good people in miami.

  • I'm just like WeaponZero - I grew up in Coral Springs, which is the next town over from Boca, and the area is full of snobs and disgustingly hot weather. It is a transient state like he said too because everyone I knew growing up was from up North (mostly they were from NYC, including me), and I know that once I graduate I'm looking to get out of here for a long while. Things I don't like about FL: too hot/humid to walk around town, low wages/high cost of living, bugs, thunderstorms every PM, and none of the cities here have that culture (in my eyes) like they do in the big cities up North...everything here just looks/feels like boring suburbia.


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