What do I do?

Alright, well I have this best friend. We'll Call her Rae. Rae has this cousin and her and I are also close friends. Well the cousin recently had a baby...and lost it. The cousin's "boyfriend" and I are best friends too. Well the cousin and boyfriend recently split up. She went back to her parents house to try to get everything in her life straight. She took all of the baby's stuff and left the boyfriend with nothing. The boyfriend and I have been fooling around for awhile now...even while they were still actually together. He has told me he is falling in love with me and I am falling for him too. The cousin knows NONE of this.

What in the hell do I do?

Oh there's another twist...

Rae's Mom, also likes him.

He doesn't like her that way though.

And is trying to get her back with his friend.

And he's about 10 years older than me.


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