Lead me on, back to his ex and now he's marrying her. Is it normal for me to still be hurt?

He was in an on and off relationship with her for five years. She has a history of cheating on him. We were friends, we were starting to become more than just friends (so I stupidly thought), then I find out through social media they were back together. I confronted him about it, he said it wasn't definite but they were possibly getting back together. I wished him luck and said I wasn't going to be there when it ended again and left it at that. After months of me trying to gain clarity on the relationship with no answer from him, she says she wants him back and within a matter of six months they're back together, living together and now they just got engaged. He was trying to rush me into having sex but contested when I said that I wanted him to take me on a few dates first (not twenty, more like one or two). Said he "didn't have time and that we should just fuck and get it over with, next day he's back with her.

I don't want him back. I really loved him. I found out because a mutual friend of ours congratulated him through a Facebook post. Is there something wrong with me for feeling this way? I thought I was over it.
I ended the friendship with him. I congratulated him, told him that I hope it lasts that it wouldn't have worked between us and that they deserved each other. Then I wished him luck and told him that we shouldn't be friends anymore. No response but he's probably telling all of his friends and whoever else what a bitch I am and leaving out his part. Thanks everyone. These responses really helped! 😊


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  • Yes is very normal to feel that way! that was very wrong of him regardless of the craziness that was going on in his relationship. and he choose to marry a cheater well that's his problem. always remember that it is no longer your problem. sadly you would have victim here. I think the best move it is to simply not be his friend anymore. cut him loose because that's the only you going to ever move on. he doesn't even deserve to have a friend like you after the stunt he pulled. I can't tell you what to do but please don't play yourself out like a hoe for him. you should want to save sex for marriage. to be honest with you, if you promised him sex in one or two dates that's why he treated you the way he treated you. you are young woman and you need to do better than this. and that is another reason why you got hurt. don't put yourself in that kind of position again. he was in it to use you from the beginning and you allowed him to. all you can do is take this as a learning lesson and don't get too involved with somebody who is in that kind of relationship. let alone with that kind of mentality. it just isn't worth it.

    • No, he was treating me like that before sex was even on the table (albeit it probably didn't help). I was just so blind I didn't see it, and I'm glad I'm starting to see clearly now, but thanks

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  • no you should be pissed

    • by pissed i mean pissed off at him he used you what he wanted

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    • many unanswered question as to why shit people get stuff going there way

    • that will happen if she's defo a cheater

  • Yes, it is normal.


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  • Yes its normal to feel like that


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