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Alright so I've been talking to this guy for almost 5 years and we've kinda always been sorta a thing but now its ended. I've never liked anyone before and can almost asure you i love him but its becoming clearer and clearer that were over (by curcumstance not by either of our choices) and im not sure how to handle it. Its been t months since we last seen or spoke to each other and i feel like im falling apart but also keeping everything together. Like i can live without him sure. Im not that dependant but he just made life happier for me and no one ever could infiriate me like that man. I just dont know how to fill this void.


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  • Just give yourself some time and make up your mind. If u think to continue try talking to him once or twice, if he feels the same, then its ok, if he doesn't its best to leave him be. Hope it helps.


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