I told my best friend who happens to be a girl I used to be in love with her and she blocked me. How can I make things less awkward?

She left me and blocked me everywhere. She won't pick my calls or talk to me anymore and im basically broken. I told her something that i felt a long time ago and she always understood but now she just left. Its been 3 weeks and i dont know what to do.


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  • she's not your best friend If she blocks you on everything after you tell her you used to be in love with her. Wtf. Find better friends she sounds immature if that's all it takes to get blocked and ignored for 3 weeks. Get over it and stop trying , she's blocked you already, you doing everything else to try and get her to "forgive" you for having past feelings for her is desperate , you deserve better companions then that.

    • Thats what breaks me. I've always been the one who found out someone thought i was their best friend too late. she's the first one who I considered a friend and I was wrong. That rarely happens so its screwing with me nowadays.

    • And thats what everyone I've asked says too.

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  • move on with your life. find a better friend. and please don't fall in love with your friends.

    • It was a mistake and it happened when i didn't she and i werent friends

  • Give her some time.

    • Sure. Always here...

    • Just one question. She said she'll be fine in 4 days tops. Its been 21 days. How much more should i wait?

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