Tell me ur breakup story?

hi.. tell me ur break up stories
i want to know how different couples breakup, and why


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  • I liked her, I wasn't really deeply in love. She may have sensed it. I didn't try to convince or abuse her.
    She cheated once. I wasn't angry. I wasn't really deeply in love.
    She cheated once more. I wasn't angry. I wasn't really deeply in love.
    She cheated big time. I wasn't angry, i even helped her out of the ensuing trouble.
    She met a guy who really wanted her and knocked her up.. I wasn't angry.
    They married.
    I wasn't angry to be free again.
    I met someone much better, someone I REALLY love.
    I hope she's happy.

    • All that lasted nearly two years. No drama.

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  • Me and my ex boyfriend we were together for 2 years we were on and off he would cheat on me not by having sex with someone else but texting other girls and flirting with them but I would forgive him when I would text a guy he would get mad but I would show him my text he never showed me his I was stupid for not telling him something but whatever one day we got in a fight and we didn't talk to one day the next day I text him and he said I don't want to be with someone who we stop talking for one day I would always cry when we were off and on but that day I didn't I just
    Let go and move in with in 3 months he was texting my guy bestfriend telling him to tell me that he wants me back and to go back with him it's been about 3 years and he still don't have a girlfriend he says he still loves me but I don't at the end he lost ✌🏼


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  • My ex told me he can't do us anymore and I asked what he means and he said he doesn't want to date me anymore and I asked him if he's willing to fight for us and he said no. So I asked why and he said there's no reason that would make me happy. Then I told him okay and he apologized and I ignored him because he didn't even give me a reason to break my heart and that left my mind wondering.

  • LDR
    he didn't even break up with me he just stopped replied to my texts and said " happy birthday " that's it. so it's whatever I'm done with relationships anyways

  • I was giving this guy I was going out with a blow job i personally think I was doing amazing and he didn't tell me when he was gonna cum so then I could get ready for it then next thing I know he's busting all over me in my eye and on my hair i was fuming my eye was stinging and my hair stunk and I had to walk all the way home looking like a prostitute, just put it this way I never spoke to him again


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