Does he want me back?

Okay guys, i really really really need you help..
so the thing is, my ex broke up 4 months ago, and contacted me about 1 month ago after we met up with some friends and he told me he really missed me, and cried a lot. But i asked him if he regretted breaking up and wanted me back, but he said no. I said then we can't stay in contact and I broke it off, two weeks into no contact he contacted me again and we started talking, he flirted a lot and got jealous on other boys. Last night i met him with 1 other friend and he held my hand, and tickled my arm, What does all this means? Does he actually want me back?
please help


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  • make him jealous.. he would definitely come back..


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  • HE broke up with you. Unless it's for a good reason, don't get back with him. People often miss what others had to offer, not THEM as a person. This is my opinion, of course.


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