If someone ghosts you, and reaches out later how should you respond? Or how do you move on from being ghosted?

This is hypothetical as I've been ghosted by someone I was sort of seeing who sent me a valentines message. Later that week I send a friend request on Facebook and he declined it a few weeks later than stopped talking to me altogether. Honestly he may never talk to me again. I'm confused as to what I did wrong. But the has ghosted me before for like a week at a time and then started talking to me again. So I somewhat think they might reach out again in the future. Of course he might not. But any suggestions on what to do? I've contemplated changing my phone number or something but is that drastic? I'm somewhat stuck right now and I'm not sure how to move on.


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  • once you've been ghosted , isn't much you can do if you no longer have any ways to communicate or see the other person. isn't natural to simply want to move on and meet other people?

    • I've permanently deleted my dating profile because it's how I met the ghost. I was having no luck with it anyways and I'm afraid I'll meet someone I like just to have them ghost me again.

      However I have met a few guys we're just friends but I'm not ready to open a new dating profile just yet.

    • Also I don't think I was blocked we just stopped talking I didn't reach out after he deleted my request. But now I blocked him in case he changes his mind.

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  • Don't EVER talk to them AGAIN ! DO YOU HEAR !
    Don't change anything. the moment they contact you don't respond. delete their calls and their messages. What does this person think you are? their door map?

    • Thank you! Yes, that's how I feel too. Although I really really liked him. I guess I should have realized he didn't like me the same but he kept stringing me along.

      I was contemplating changing my number not just because of the ghost but also a different creep that I met on a dating site that won't stop texting me no matter how many times I block him.

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    • Thank you.

    • I blocked his number

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