How can I be a close friend to my ex boyfriend?

My best friend and I have gone out. He ended the relationship but not because of me or him. The way he explained it was that it was because he don't feel the same about having a relationship anymore and that he feels he hasn't been as enthusiastic about the relationship between us two. We ended on very good terms. There's not hate or harsh feelings towards each other at all. He said he 100% cares about me, supports me when I need it, will be there always whenever I need him and etc. And we will remain close friends as promised. I want advice on how to be close friends again without stepping any boundary or being too much? The reason I ask this is because when we were close friends before the relationship, we would always play around and flirt... that's the kind of thing it was.. does he want that again? I don't know. Thanks!


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  • talk, talk, talk. ask him exactly what you ask here.

    • Thank you I probably will ☺️

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  • You need to ask him what he wants and best way of approaching is probably trying to test the water and see how he's reacting to some very casual flirting.


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