Im dealing with a problem with my ex?

My ex has been getting on my nerves lately and I know im getting on his nerves as well. Me and him are at the point where me and him are just trying to be friends. Sometimes I just dont like the way he talks to me. For example he would say things like "your not use to having much". "You need to read a book on how to get money." "Your dumb" "you have no life" shit like that. Or questions about my current dating life in which he's implying im some whore. Im trying to figure out how to deal with him now since we have no chance of getting back together. He's making things harder because he's been asking for a lot of favors that other people could have done.


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex. Why are you even talking to an ex?


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  • He thinks that you have no backbone. It sounds like this has been going on for a very long time if he is just so comfortable with talking to you in this manner. You have to ask yourself do you really want to continue to have someone who talks to you like that in your life? You have to be strong and show him that you are. You can not cave in when he calls and texts. Because that what he wants you to do. What you do in personal life is your business, and has nothing to do with him because you are not together. So why do u ever share information with him knowing that he will calls you names or make u feel bad about yourself? You have to build a backbone and become mentally strong. If you let a guy like this stay in your life then there is no telling how the next guy will be and how much you will be willing to take.


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  • like the others here, I don't know why you are talking to an ex.
    call me old fashioned (I'm 21, btw), but I believe there is something to be said about keeping a relationship alive, whether it be marriage or something else. people are so quick to give up on relationships, the don't understand what it means to have one. also, I absolutely hate to say it, but men are usually the first ones to give up on a relationship. whether they voice it out loud or not, is another matter. marriage is lost on people today too because of this. it's easier to get a divorce than work things through. now, it's too late, you can't repair it, and I'm not telling you to. just, think of it this way: if things broke off for a reason, why would you even consider keeping him as a friend? don't sympathize with him. don't enpathize with him. whatever happened between you, happened for a reason. it is very rare that 2 people go from a couple to being just friends, and it works out perfectly afterward. and in the rare cases it does work out, it's usually one sided. do yourself a favor, and tear off the emotional leech before it's too late.
    I've been through 4 relationships, 3 of which were abusive, and 1 of which was straight up a sex for hire on the side. trust me, it's worth it. break off everything. it's not healthy. wait for that one guy that being around him makes you want to grow and be better. good luck.


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  • yeah, he's not your friend~ a real friend doesn't put you down or act like a dick.

    cut ties with him and save yourself a world of pain.

    • Thats what im saying. Friends dont do shit like that regardless of the situation. I just dont like what he said about me not having much. Like what does that mean? I know im not rich but damn lol.

    • it means he's an ass and will use any means necessary to make you feel bad about yourself.

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