I find myself STILL obsessing over my ex.

Its been literally 7 months since my ex and I broke up and I just can't seem to get him off of my mind. I've tried EVERYTHING. I went out, spoke to old and new friends, listened to music, wrote poems, went shopping, worked a lot of the time, played my game; and at the end of the day I find myself STILL obsessing over my ex. Just everywhere I go reminds me of him. He said hurtful things at me and I did as well and even tho we've said everything we could to each other I still love him. I miss talking to him, I miss just about everything that has to do with him.

I see little reminders of him in any place like his favorite color or the name of his dog, or even a look alike of him and his mom. Its weird and its starting to freak me out. For 4 months after we broke up I tried begging him to talk to me, and he just wouldn't, he'd curse at me and call me stupid names and just said "f*** out of my life"..which I found to be very hurtful but yet I still can't leave him alone. But I did, I left him alone for 2 months, I want to contact him but I know what he'll say and I don't know. I just wish he'd give me another chance.

I cry before I fall asleep just thinking about him, I have crazy dreams about him. I've never felt this way before and I don't know what to do. He just disappeared on me completely. Not even his dust is visible. He has a best friend who has a sister who he liked before, she comes to my store and I'm so tempted to ask her how he's doing; but I don't wanna seem desperate. But every time I look at her I see him, maybe its because they're friends I don't know for sure. But I wish for the day he talks to me and even asks me to be with him maybe one day; but neither of that will happen knowing him. He's stubborn as hell.

I just want help, I need answers...something.

I don't want to bother my friends and tell them the same story over and over again, but I want advice. please.


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  • some of the things you have tried are probably making it worse...one of them being listening to music...now unless its heavy or death metal, then I don't see how that is going to help. music is usually involving some sort of pain involving love of some sort. so listening to music isn't always the best thing to do. poetry as well goes hand in hand. music is pretty much poetry anyways. my advice would be to stay away from that stuff, and ask for help from yur friends. tell them you still aren't over him, and you need their help. if they really care about u, they will be there for u. and they have most likely had heartbreak themselves, so they might give you pointers that helped them get over an ex.

    • My friends are tired of hearing about him and I am too tired of talking about him to them. I'm just angry at myself how I still cannot stop thinking about him.

      there is no cure is there?

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    • Yeh, he will remember u. I know that ill remember my first everything for the rest of my life, and so will he. its always going to be compared with any future experiences.

    • I'm very sure he won't compare me to other people in the future. Believe me this guy just plain hates me. I really appreciate your time on reading my desperate story. Thank You so much for the advice, I really needed it :-)

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  • 1 I don't know if I can help considering I really haven't been in a relationship but I'm good at seeing things from others perspectives, so if you don't want to bother you don't need to answer and 2 have you talked to him after the break up or have you completely broken contact with him?

    • We did talk after the break up, I broke up with him it's a very long story. But I told him let's be friends so we did that. But in the back of my mind I somehow wanted to be more so I pushed the friend option far away. He said I drained him with questions and he just didn't want to talk to me anymore. It's a LONG story.

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  • Please avoid immersing yourself in things that remind you of him! That is why you are caught up! Leave him alone. If you have to say one last thing to him, send him an e-mail saying that the break has helped, and that you are now very excited about life and that you hope he also has stuff going on for him. Why? Right now, he feels like you can't live without him. Let him know it isn't the case, and accept in your heart you aren't getting back together.

    • Oh I would email him but he told my friend when he sees an email from me he wants to scream. And he doesn't care if I'm happy or not, he's a very cruel person when it comes to silly things.

  • hey I no exactly what your going through I was in a relationship of 2years with this guy and all of a suddenly he broke up with me I get it I was just like you , I didn't get over him after about 10 months completely and to be honest I still think about him and I miss him , but to tell you the truth leave him alone I no it is tough ass hell to get over him and stop thinking about him but if he tells you to eff off. he obviously doesn't want to talk to you, trust me my ex told me that also , so I really relate to your story, but if he cared a little bit about how your doing he will contact you, but its better for you to move on slowly but you will , its never going to be easy,but this will only make you stronger :) and its for your own good , don't get attached to a relationship that wasn't meant to be, it wasn't your fault and in your life someone new will come and this person will no how to cherish you .


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