Little help on some view points?

Listen I was with this girl she made a joke about my family being all about the money and which we are far from it we are respectful and loyal we look at the inside and cherish it an my family wasn't happy about the so called joke but there is a time and place for that in my eyes she said I was sensitive which isn't a bad thing I do care about her a lot and I'd put her first before me and she only wanted to see me once a month mean while she was 10mins away family and friends told me that I deserve better and didn't feel that's right ( the relationship) but is being sensitive a bad thing and is it bad to be too caring she said I cared to much which I don't know how that's a negative


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  • I don't blame your family. you should not be involved with who's somebody who talks to you that way. she can understand what kind of words that came out of her mouth about your family and to you she is one with the problem. how did she calling you about caring so much? anybody want to talk to me that way that would be done immediately.

    • Wow thanks for your view point eye opener for me

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    • Which is a good thing. Because you have to focus on you. Yiu can't succeed when you have somebody like her distracting you from your future.

    • I hope their girls out there that appreciate the amount of love and care I give an don't disrespect me and my family

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