Signs everywhere, I can't seem to shake it off?

A year ago I was dumped and humiliated by my ex boyfriend and his people. I will admit it that I was devastated for two months but eventually moved on. And now I am much peaceful and happier than ever. But someone close to him had the audacity to contact me on the day they dumped me. And ask straight out of I am happy now? And that I can come over anytime I'd like. They knew exactly how devastated I was from the breakup.

I cannot contain my anger because I cannot believe that they would reach out. Its like a slap to my face since they lied to me about numerous things in the first place. It's as if their trying to keep an open window and snoop around. Opinions?


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  • Tell them that you are happier than ever, that you came to enjoy life at it's fullest... then block them straight away


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  • Ignore it and block them. Don't respond or have anything to do with them


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