What are health ways to release anger?

I'm in a toxic relationship with a girl who broke my trust, i broke her trust to but its getting really to stressfull she makes me so angry because she is passive aggressive i am breaking up with her because it's really too much and i'm losing myself but this whole situation just makes me angry she really gets the worst out of me and i now know i need to handle my pain from the past and that it's probably because of that why it's going toxic but i really don't want to be angry anymore and just be happy


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  • I support weed, but that's only because it's legal in my state. weed won't solve your problem, but it will help you manage your anger so you can make the proper decisions to solve your problem

    • That won't help but thanks for trying!

    • it's always nice to be able to relax and collect your thoughts and set your priorities in order. fishing maybe? fishing and a blunt sounds amazing right now

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