My ex boyfriend has been acting strangely around my roommate?

Me and my roommate has lived in the apartment for a year. She has her boyfriend who comes over almost all the time but when they fight her man is away. Im not trying to accuse anyone of anything but he has been acting odd in her presence. Sometimes I feel that he might know her even before I moved in with her. Or im afraid he might have came on to her while I was away. He keeps saying he doesn't want to see her or avoiding my roommate for what ever reason. He hasn't been acting the same like he use to plus he keeps asking for help or favors. One day he just called to see if i was home but then had no intention of hanging out that day. Some days he will blow me off. He told me he has friends in the my area. It got to the point i was gonna put a camera in the apartment even though he's not my man. He hasn't been the most respectful man in my life. he's acting odd like im put in the friendzone. If we do ever have sex I catch him in the kitchen. He's the type that would mess with a girl just because she's white or Spanish or thinks that they are better than black women. My question is should i kick him to the curb or lose contact since he's been wasting my time. What might be the reason he's acting like that.


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