Why is he reacting?

Back story : My close friend and I have gone out. He ended the relationship but not because of me or him. The way he explained it was that it was because he don't feel the same about having a relationship anymore and that he feels he hasn't been as enthusiastic about the relationship between us two. We ended on very good terms. There's not hate or harsh feelings towards each other at all. He said he 100% cares about me, supports me when I need it, will be there always whenever I need him and etc. And we will remain close friends as promised. When we were close friends (before the relationship) we would always play around and flirt... So I don't really know if that's what's gonna happen. So don't know if he has any feelings for me all either?

We are meeting with our squad (we hang out with the same group. All boys and I'm the only girl) this week and he doesn't want this particular guy to go for some reason. (One of the boys from the squad told me that he admitted that). No one else has a problem with that guy apart for him. The guy is fairly new to our group and I'm good friends with him as we talk to each other abit& get on. My close friend kind of bad mouthed about that guy to me saying he's 'weird'? But he isn't at all? I feel like he's trying to stop that guy from coming on purpose. Do you think he's jealous of that guy?


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  • I wouldn't go as far to say he's jealous, be might just be weird in your bestfriend's eyes, or might have annoying traits. Was there any sign that this guy is trying to make a move on you? It could that case as well.


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