Breaking up with him - was it really the right thing to do?

We've been friends first, not for a long time, maybe a year but we've known each other so well.. We talked about everything and eventually he started having feelings for me.. Few months ago he subtly told me that when we were talking but I wasn't sure how I feel.. I did feel something but not enough to get into a relationship with him.. So, we continued being friends and ever since he told me how he felt I started having stronger feelings for him and after maybe two months we got into a relationship.. We've been together for 2 months and I broke up because I was feeling like I'm just another girl he's with because he's not used to being alone.. Like he was taking me for granted, I felt like we were just friends who would make out from time to time.. I didn't feel the love he told me he was feeling and his actions didn't match his words.. I'm not saying it was bad but I just didn't feel right about all of that.. Now I miss him, our conversations and sometimes I get the feeling of regret, because I know he cared about me, he didn't argue with me when he actually should, he was trying to make me happy.. He was just more in words than showing how he was feeling and because of that I started to lose feelings for him and ended things for the best.. But, again, I sometimes regret breaking up and I'm not sure anymore if it was a good decision.. What do you think?


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  • your heart says it all
    if you want him back in your life, go ahead before you lose him.


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