At My Wits End?

Basically, I posted a question on here asking about a guy (anonymously though). I liked him, everyone who answered on here said he liked me. I was 70% sure he did before I even asked. Thing is I've been humiliated way too many times before and now I'm extra cautious with guys. I don't know why he never said anything, but I'm too blame too, I know. Neither of us did anything to say to each other that we liked each other, we were essentially stuck in a flirting rut. Normally, I get over crushes easily. It takes time, but easily. This guy is still on my mind. I don't know what to do. How do I get over him? Don't say "time" because I get that, however I haven't even made a dent. I stopped communication totally, we don't talk and I'm pretty sure he hates me now. So no, it can't be fixed even if I severely wish I could help it. I want to fix things and be with him so badly, but that'll never happen. So I need to get over him but I don't understand why I can't let him go. Any advice?


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  • Try and move on rebound relationship, use the new relationship to get over him...


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