Help with my Taurus man please?

Well, I'm a scorpio and I'll start off by saying I was a straight b*tch to my Taurus, almost verbal abuse but not quite that far (never called him any bad names either) and it only happened on occasions (though I am also very loving, caring, funny, beautiful, passionate, and sexual which he always says he adores these specifically). I've been with my Taurus for 8 months. A week ago I started sensing this new "I don't care" type of attitude he had. I yelled at my Taurus man over some health issues he was creating for me and I broke up with him. Then later on that day when I calmed down I tried to un-breakup but he said "actually I'm tired of you yelling at me maybe we should stay broken up because I've told you this many times and you're not changing and honestly I've been done for 3 months now but we can be friends." Of course we went back and forth for a little while I cried (also asked him if there was someone else, things were not adding up in the convo) because he's the sweetest guy ever and I have really bad baggage for a Libra who was abusive and my Taurus didn't deserve that back lash.
The next day he calls me and asks me to dinner and a movie. Then the next day I'm back at his family's house for dinner. The day after , that was school day for us, he texts me before I get off work and says he can't walk me to class because he has to meet his lab group, I said ok. After my class I call him 15 times over the course of an hour and he says he was home and sleep. This was unusual that he didn't say anything when he left his lab group so I was confused. He said he would come to see me before his last evening class but he claimed he got caught up getting ready and wasn't gonna make it to me. The following day same thing... DISTANCE, but I always wanna know why so I keep pushing for him to come over and explain. *There is more*

Basically he invited me to dinner the next day, breaks up with me, and doesn't even chase me when I leave even though the waiter did. The day after that I sent him a long apology saying many things like he's right, I agree, I'm sorry, but I still love you maybe we just need time... etc. He didn't reply. And two hours later I saw him with a girl. They turned out to just friends apperentlh and from a friend he said he saw me too but he didn't care to talk to me.


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  • give him some distance ignore him for a week he will come looking for you. if he doesn't assume that he really wants to break up. try something more intense later like being seen with another guy and ignoring him. may be it'll work

  • Taureens are not for scorpios. Their stubbornness is maddening

  • FYI this horoscope crap is all a bunch of hogwash.


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