Is he angry or what?

I texted him to ask him " you busy?" got no reply. After one hour I texted again:" Don't reply to my Text? haha, you cool! Have a good evening. Then he texted back :" hey sorry I'm driving sorry! What's up?:) I texted :" Haha, I forgot what I was going to ask, next time:). He texted:" Remember! What was it?

I didn't reply as I really don't what to say. I texted him just because I was thinking of him and wanted to talk. The second day, he was kind of cold to me when he saw me and we didn't talk much. My question are 1:is he angry ?, 2:what should I do ? 3:from the text messages, do you think he likes me? Thanks.


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  • (1.) He might be a little ticked that you didn't reply but he'll get over it (2.) If he is still acting like this just ask him about it. It shouldn't be that hard to explain that you were confused (3.) This reminds me of a really good friend of mine. We pretty much talk the same way to each other and he gets annoyed when I don't text back. He may have mixed feelings for you. He likes being friends, but he wants your attention. Well that's my opinion. Good luck! :)

  • So I'm guessing this is a boy you like.

    1. He might be a little angry because you just stopped texting him.

    2. You should tell him why you texted him!

    3. Well maybe. It kinda sounds like he wanted to know what you were gonna say pretty bad so he could have thought you were gonna say you liked him. But I don't know, maybe. That could also explain why is is upset with you.


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