Have I f*cked up? (please read)?

So I have been in a relationship with this girl for a while now (talking about half a year more less).
She was really into me and I was and am really in love with her. The problem ks that she lives in a city about 300 miles away from me, so I always had to catch a plane and hotel to see her. We talked about moving out someday together and have some plans for the future, and to be honest all looked positive.
Few weeks later, she started to tell me that I was possesive and selfish, when trust me people I did all I could for her in every single way: I have been there everytime she needed help and supported her when she most needed.
Also, I always had to travel there, she wouldn't move to see me... (money excuse, but I offered to pay for it).
After these weeks of her telling me that she loves me and me believing it, she asked me if we could still be friends if she dated somebody else from now on, because she reckons I'm too possesive and selfish.
I do text her lots of times a day, but obviously if we live so far away I do care about her and how she is there...
Today I decided to tell that we shouldn't talk anymore because all the talking we have just makes me really upset and recided to book a trip to her city to see each other one more time and leave it forever because I cannot handle seeing her with another guy after all I have done for her.
Do you people think I actually did something wrong? I know being all the time on her case is annoying, but I explained her that it was because the long distance and makes me scared of losing her when I love her. Now I guess I did, but I wanted to know your opinion.


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  • I'm hurt... to read it... cos I'm in LDR too... I just hope it never happen to me... And for you... i just can give you a hug...
    if you can wait her... it's a good thing... let her be in relationship with other and be her best friend to support her from her behind...
    if my girl want to go back to friendship thing i would be more happy cos i see her enjoying with friends more thn being with me... Also i wanna be her friend who is far better thn any bfs...


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  • you already know what to do I've been there bro but I promise finding a girl where you live is so much better not for everyone but try it


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