Shall I send my ex boyfriend a birthday card for his 21st birthday?

Me and my ex have been broken up for two months. We were together 2 and a half years. We didn't end on bad terms and recently been in contact purely to see how each other is doing. Nothing came of it, besides settling what happened and everything is good. He moved away but I know he is home for his birthday, I'm actually at a party round the corner from where he lives so I could post the card on my way. He told me he's fine while he's away about us both as nothing there reminds him of me, but he hates coming home because reality hits about what happened.
Should I? Help.


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  • if you two are on good terms and met the family, big part at one point i would say yes just nothing big just a quick note

    • Yeah I got on really well with his family. I don't think it would do any harm I'm not bringing up the past am I. It's good that it's on good terms or I know I'd be a nervous wreck knowing he'd be home.

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    • Exactly! Whatever happens will happen :)

    • its all you can do with this dont stop your life for him

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  • I honestly think you should wish him over the phone or in person than a card. a card stays there and it's like a big reality check situation.

    • in the exact situation as him so just giving my opinion on what would be better.

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    • anytime ☺. A question to you tho. how are you, as a girl, dealing with the break up?

    • :). I'm pretty crushed. I was the one who initiated the break up, long distance didn't work for us - it worked out to be a mutual decision tbh. That's what kills me, it wasn't our relationship that was the problem, it was the distance. We tried hard at it for 5 months and it was really hard. I wish things were different and we could perhaps try again when he's home - but I don't think he wants that :(. How are You?

  • No. Fuck em.


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