Will you leave her if it were you?

A husband divorce his wife because he saw her without makeup for first time... the picture explain itself, so do you think what husband did right or not, do you think the woman cheated him or it just happened that way and if it were you what would you have done , explain below
i just saw this on fb so am curious of others opinion... i will tell mine later🙄Will you leave her if it were you??
  • i will leave her because she lied to me about her appearence
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  • i won't leave her i love her so appearence doesn't matter
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  • no no she is not my wife
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  • Its his fault for not doing due diligence and seeing her without makeup. She's obviously very good at applying it though.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Are the images actually true? If I look closer on the images there seem to be differences like nose wing shape that makes me wonder how genuine the images are. Any source link?

    • i saw this on fb i will look for its source but it seems true thats the power of makeup

    • Yeah, I wondered the same thing. The facial structure looks slightly different, that's not something that can be changed with makeup so I question whether the pictures are actually of the same woman or not. I think this is likely a case of a false story, similar to the popular story going around a few years ago on facebook about that woman who got plastic surgery and the kids ended up looking really ugly and the guy divorced her for it (which was a false story, the picture was an ad created for a plastic surgeon, the couple wasn't married, they were both models).

    • it might be but make up do wonders i watched some videos in youtube just search for "power of makeup" and you are will be amazed
      but all in all if something like this do happen to you what would you do?

  • that's so stupid I wonder does she sleep with makeup on?

    • i wondered about it too lol

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    • I don't know maybe in some cultures its like that hubby goes to work in the morning comes back wife already doll herself up even sleep with it so morning she is still beautiful lol

    • might be

  • this news is fake

  • lmfao she looks like a dude damn

  • anyway she will get her share from her ex husband so she is a winner at last.
    usually girls who divorce are like that but some girls are cheated by men as well so I really can't say much. it is hard for those girls who get cheated instead of men.
    #happiness #shan_shan #peace


What Girls Said 1

  • I saw that story last year and I honestly thought it was extremely sad yet a little funny.


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